The Story

The 24th of August 2017.  12:35pm.

We were on holiday, in a Wigwam at Loch Tay.

(Awesome place – we’re going back!)

That’s when it all changed for both of us.


“The happiest day of my life”


“We compromised. I Lost.”

Outside the Wigwam
Outside the Wigwam
Inside the Wigwam
Inside the Wigwam
Rosemary + Fire + Marshmallows!

We started the day slowly, emerging from the wigwam at around 10-11 and started planning out the day ahead.  The general plan was to head west to Killin, get some food and figure out if Glen Coe or Oban was to be the day’s objective.

We drove to Killin and parked up at the Falls of Dochart Inn at about 11:30 and took a look around.

Turns out the falls themselves are stunning in the sun.  It’s even better when there are no midges!

The Falls of Dochart
The Elusive Stirlingshire Haggis (Campbells) in its natural habitat.

After a bit of exploring, we sat on the rocks just under the bridge for a while, and the water was fairly low but still flowing pretty briskly, and took in the whole scene.

The sun(!), the falls, the company… It was a pretty damn good start to the holiday – we were pleased.

Rosemary:  “We should go…”
David:         “Pardon?”
Rosemary:   “I think you should move your butt!”
David:          “I think you should marry me.”
Rosemary:    “…”
Rosemary:    “…”
Rosemary:    “What?”
David:           “Will you marry me?”
Rosemary:    “Are you being serious?!”
David:           “Yes, you fool! Will you marry me?”
Rosemary:    “Yes!”

The next bit has been censored for our younger readers (there was kissing!).

Still, it was a great start to the holiday… There were some great views, too! Glen Coe won, by the way.

Glencoe looking stunning…
The Meeting of Three Waters waterfall, Glencoe
Just outside Bridge of Orchy